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Instructions: setting the musicbox

The function of the musicbox is only given, when the following adjustments are exact:

The black “release lever” depress the “music lever” a few minutes before the clockstrike.
So the music lever will fall our of the hole of the “wheel with hole”. The music is not allowed to start playing yet, only if the cuckoo cal is exited, you should be able to heare the tune. The “black wire” (it is connected with the “release lever”) is holding the “wind wheel” during the cuckoos call and gives free the “wind wheel” when the cuckoo has finished his call. Sounds the music during or before the cuckoo call, this “black wire” has to be bend down a little bit. If there is no music sound, even if the “music lever” is out of the hole, the “black wire” has to be bend up. (out of the “wind weel”) Do the same, when there is a noise during the music sound.

A 1-day cuckoo and music clock has the music after the full hour strike and after the half hour strike. The music of an 8-days cuckoo and music clock plays the music only according the full hour strike. If an 8-days clock plays the music also after the half hour, the “release lever” has to be adjusted. Bend down this lever or bend up the “music lever”.

The depth of the two wheels (chain wheel – driving wheel) should resemble the attached drawing. They should not be to close together and not to far away of each other.
By unscrewing the fastening screws on the outside of the clockcase the musicbox can be moved into a proper position. Don`t forget; after adjusting – fastening screws.
Please only change this adjustment when there is a faulty function of the musicbox (for instances; if the clocks music chain passes through without any music sounds.)

Instructions: setting the musicbox