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Hermle - Quartz and Mechanical Clocks

Welcome to Hermle - the premium clock manufacturing company. Deeply rooted in the tradition of the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest, Germany's centers of tinkerers and inventors. Discover the world of precision and quality that has distinguished Hermle for decades.

In Reichenbach am Heuberg, in the heart of southwestern Germany, Hermle combines traditional clockmaking with modern manufacturing techniques. Proud to be among the few remaining clock manufacturers that produce both traditional and modern living room clocks. Hermle's promise is that every part of the clock is "made in Germany," crafted with the utmost care directly in-house.

At Hermle, a dedicated team stands behind every clock - a dynamic mix of experience and innovation. The drive is a passion for quality and attention to detail, supported by a strong awareness of environmental protection and sustainability.

The product portfolio reflects the mastery and diversity: from impressive wall clocks to precise mechanical movements. Hermle stands for reliability and the highest product quality. Hermle does not just produce – Hermle sets standards in clockmaking, with a comprehensive production depth that includes almost all production steps in-house.

Discover a world where quality, innovation, and tradition merge. Dive into the diversity of our large clock collection, from precise grandfather clocks to elegant wall clocks and exquisite table and ship clocks. Each piece is a testament to Hermle quality, marked by decades of market knowledge and strictest quality assurance.

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